Friday, December 5, 2008

Come and Visit Us on Facebook!

We have just loaded up a new group on Facebook -- The Dragon's Eye Haunted Barn -- and we're looking for as many "Dragon Fans" as we can find!! We've already welcomed several friends of all ages into the group and can't wait to see how many more we'll get in coming months!!

Hellooooo Everybody ....

Well, it's been a while since I posted last. Seemed like the end of October got REALLY crazy!! We had a visit from the D & D Ranch guys and from Zach and his gang from Front Yard Fright. This season was a LOT of fun. Lots of great memories and many new friendships were made. Many pairs of pants were peed in and many kids were scared so bad they wouldn't quit crying. :o)
It took a lot of time to build ...... a lot of time to tear down and put away ..... and every year when we're building I say 'never again' and every year when I'm tearing down I say 'never again' -- it's just too much work and too much money to lose each year. Well .... the kids came up with several ideas for next year's theme. Some really great ideas that would be a shame to pass up and not do this thing ONE MORE TIME!!! :o)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday - October 25 -- A HIT!!

Tonight we had a BUNCH of actors. I think we had 33 or 34 kids come out to volunteer last night. WOW!
The best actor award tonight goes to Sam as Santa Claws ...... we had a record number of peetalities last night and I think Santa had a bid hand in a majority of those!! Santa was so dedicated to his scares that he worked from 7:00pm - Midnight and didn't take one break!! We welcomed back Nick B as Psycho Bob last night --- he was a big hit last year in the butcher room and decided to jump back in to see how many peetalities he could rack up. You may have encountered him in the dark chainsaw alley at the end of the haunt. ....or did you make it through Chimi Chonga's lair? Yep -- Nick P is back again as the terrifying Gorilla in the back of the haunted barn. Nobody plays Chimi up like Nick can! Oh wait ..... let's not forget that mischeivious Leprechaun -- Chipp. He was hunting down people that were threatening to take his pot of gold. No Chipp!! Don't SHOOT!!! ....and then we have our spunky little clowns -- Rachel and Taryn can play up just about any room and get screams but last night these two were doing great working off people's clown phobias. There were so many great moments last night and a LOT of great actors. We still have three days left. Tonight (Sunday) --- Halloween --- and next Saturday. Who will be our star tonight? Will you experience a "Peetality" when you walk through our dark and scary Holiday House of Horror? All I can say is ...... watch out for the Easter Bunny ..... DON'T pet him ..... he bites.

Globe Gazette Visits the Dragon's Eye

On Saturday night Theresa and Laura from the Globe Gazette came out and did some interviews and took some videos of the haunt. Here is Theresa pictured videoing some footage with Santa Claws and Chipp the Leprechaun. Below Laura asks Scary Terry some questions about the haunt. Thanks ladies!! We really appreciate your coming out and doing a story on us last night!! We hope you had some fun during your visit!! :o)

Click here to see the complete article and video they took:

Friday Night - Oct 24, 2008

Well, it was a slow night. I think the rain coupled with the cold weather and the local high school football games all contributed to the lower numbers. Even though there weren't a lot of people walking through -- the monsters had one of the funnest nights they ever had. It seems like when there are less people the kids really put their all into the scares for the few people that do go through. One group went through that came out on opening night and then came back again on Friday and they said that it was 10 times better on Friday. We get different kids volunteering every night and the kids switch around in the rooms inside. Every once in a while a kid just clicks in a room and really becomes that monster. On opening night --- I would say Nick P as Chimi Chonga outdid himself --- people were screaming like babies when they saw that gorilla!! You also can't beat Steve in the Thanksgiving Terror room ..... that face ... that voice ..... he drives the teenage girls AND a few grown men into walls when he pops out!! On Friday night, it was definitely the Tooth Fairy -- hands down. Jaimee and Brianna V were unbeatable in that room. Jaimee was the nasty Tooth Fairy and Brianna was her victim. They were both so hoarse at the end of the night -- neither one could talk from all the screaming and wrestling around they did in that room. Wow --- talk about getting into character!! GIVE ME YOUR TEETH!!! ----- -NOOOOOOOO!!! HELP ME!!!!! ....... it was so great. If you were there on Friday night you know what I mean. They were fantastic!!

Click here for more pics from the Friday - Oct 24, 2008 :,_2008.htm

Here's a YouTube video showcasing some of the highlights of Friday night -- including some clips of our fabulous Tooth Fairy and her victim!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Monsters on the Air on KLMJ!!

A couple of the monsters from the Haunted Barn were seen out and about on the streets of Hampton last night. The Dragon's Eye Haunted Barn was the sponsor for KLMJ's Last Chance Dollar Night for the animated movie "Igor." Peter Rottentail and the Gold Demon decided to go to town to try to scare some of the kids going to the movie. Here are some pics!

Click here for more pics of the monsters!

The Dragon's Eye Donates 2,032 cans of Food to Food Pantry!

Last night (Thursday) we took the last truckload full of cans that we collected on opening night to Nola at the food pantry. Dani posed as the Golden Demon and Zach dressed up at Rottentail and they both did a great job of scaring Nola!! :o) We raised 2,032 cans on Opening Night alone. We took the first truckload full in on Monday. That's a lot of cans of food so they wouldn't all fit in one truckload. We took the last batch in on Thursday. --- and we are still collecting food the remaining 5 nights we're open. Do you think we can hit 3,000? Maybe?!?!!! Click here for more pics!